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About Us

     Bullard Land Planning, Inc. is located in Loganville, Georgia and provides the full range of civil design, wetland permitting and surveying services.  From the initial rezoning and master planning to the civil construction plans and final surveying, Bullard Land Planning prides itself on doing the best quality work in the industry.
      Bullard Land Planning prides itself in providing unique civil site design services that go beyond the typical “engineered” site and work with the land to provide the least amount of impact on the environment while maintaining the clients maximum economic yield to their project. With an emphasis on stormwater, Bullard Land Planning is on the cutting edge of designing solutions that will protect our valuable water resources in the future. The company is recognized and well respected in the community as a leader in the site design field. Bullard Land Planning is currently active in projects all over the Atlanta Metro Area. 

-Established in March of 1991 by Robert F. Bullard
Incorporated on May 23, 1996 with co ownership of Robert F. Bullard and Nancy S. Bullard On March 19, 2008 Nancy S. Bullard became majority owner of the company thereby creating a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

Nancy S. Bullard, Majority Owner

Robert F. Bullard, Part Owner, Manager
-Professional License:
Professional Landscape Architect, Robert F. Bullard License Number 885
Professional Land Surveyor, Robert F. Bullard License Number 2901
Level 2 Design Professional, Robert F. Bullard License Number 842
Wetlands Delineation Specialist, Robert F. Bullard
Mr. Bullard has been in the land planning, civil design and surveying industry for over 28 years. As a Christian and a businessman, Mr. Bullard feels that honesty and quality work are always going to be at the heart of Bullard Land Planning’s dealings with the public. Matthew 5:17 says: “…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”  Mr. Bullard hopes that everything he does in life, especially in dealing with the public that he will be able to live according to this verse. With this in mind, Bullard Land Planning was established in 1991. Since that time, Bullard Land Planning has established a solid foundation of clientele that continue to return expecting the same excellent design, surveying and planning services that they have come to expect.
Mr. Bullard was recently inducted into the Council of Fellows and has been given the title “Fellow” by the American Society of Landscape Architects for his accomplishments as a landscape architect. Being inducted into the council of Fellows is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon any landscape architect. Please click here to watch The Council of Fellows Investiture Ceremony.

Joey Brewer, Surveying Department Manager

-Professional License:

Land Surveyor, J P Brewer, License Number 3209

Joey Brewer, LS, Surveying Department Manager of Bullard Land Planning, Inc. 
As the Survey Department Manager, Joey's primary objective is to maintain a high level of success in the surveying profession. Joey uses his 15 years of surveying and business experience to form lasting relationships with his clients.  We believe these relationships are built with honesty and integrity as they relate to the mechanics of surveying and the practices of the business. 

Bobby (standing) and Joey (sitting) working hard on a project
Bobby looking through a surveying tool called "the Robot"
A photo of Oasis Church.
Bobby, Joe, and Robert.