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Oaks @ Mill Creek- Monroe, Georgia -Subdivision

A tribute to landscape architectural design
The true story of the roads built around that massive Oak tree!
In the early stages of design, Bullard Land Planning always takes a very detailed inventory of the existing natural assets on a property. For this project, a conceptual plan was developed and the first task was to stake the location of the proposed roads and locate any natural amenities that could possbly be preserved by altering the design. Robert Bullard happened to be on the crew on the particular day that this survey was being conducted.
As they cut through the very thick vegetation around first bend in the road, a massive Water Oak tree of perfect form was located  in the middle of the proposed street.  The crew just sat staring at the tree. They each knew that the developer would lose at least five lots trying to save the tree. This amount of loss would kill the project.
Knowing that the developer and the director at the City of Monroe shared the desire to preserve the environment, Mr. Bullard called the developer and made a proposition. He said, “If I can have the time to convince the Mayor and Council, and the Planning Director to relax the zoning lot sizes and setback ordinances, would you give me the time to see if I can convince them to save the tree?”
It took some time, extra work and plenty of negotiations, but as you can see, the tree stands to this day!
In addition, the areas on the other side of the two prestine streams were deemed too costly to develop, so nearly 11 acres of the total 30 acre parcel was set aside permanently as a perserved natural virgin forest. Also, the small farm pond was saved in its natural state with minimal upgrades. After all of this, thanks to good planning and resonable authorities, the developer still had 54 beautiful lots that sold immediately, and the city had less infrastructure to maintain.


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